23 Woes Of Growing Up Without A Pet

AKA 23 reasons to still resent your parents.

1. Your parents could not understand how much happiness a ball of fluff could bring to one human.

PETA should’ve had them arrested.

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2. And even if they did have a heart, you were told owning one was too expensive.

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3. But you were resilient: you offered to take care of it and pitch in your entire piggybank savings.

All $12.37 of it.

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4. You even pulled out some of your best tricks.

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5. And they still said no.

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6. Or, you were allergic AND IT JUST WASN’T FAIR.

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7. You vicariously lived through friends who were lucky enough to have a pet.

And often wished you actually lived with them.

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8. And gleefully offered to take care of it when their families went away on vacation.

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ALL MINE…for the week.

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9. You watched the other kids in the neighborhood walk their dogs from afar.

You still don’t understand why people would complain about doing it.

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10. And thought it was ridiculous that kids with multiple pets couldn’t just share.

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Shut up, Paris.

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11. You felt like the only kid in the world who didn’t have a feline or canine best friend.

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12. Still, you already had a name picked out if the day ever came.

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13. You had fish.


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14. And some virtual pets.

…that you really spoiled.

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15. But those pets could never give you the inexplicable joy of being cuddled to death.

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16. Or an opportunity to teach them new tricks.

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17. Or a chance to go on road trips together.

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18. You never learned (and still don’t quite know) how to properly hold one.

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19. Going to a pet store and playing with one was one of your favorite hobbies.

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20. You’ve seriously contemplated sneaking one out.

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21. It’s okay though. You vowed that one day when you’re older and you’re calling the shots, you WILL be a proud pet owner.

Take that, parents.

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22. But holy hell, your parents were right: owning a pet is SO EXPENSIVE.

And so much work.

ID: 1861994

23. Well, thank god for the Internet then.

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