There Is A World Of People Who Do Not Know What Tim Hortons Is


1. The $11 billion merger between Burger King and Tim Hortons was the biggest watercooler talking point in Canada today.

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2. Canadians are still reeling.

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3. But it has also exposed a very sad thing: There is an entire population of people who do not know what Tim Hortons even is.

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What in gods name is a Tim hortons

— christina mariotti (@cmariotti16)
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What is Tim Hortons?

— David Clowney IV (@DavidClowney)
ID: 3685635

what is tim hortons

— Maggie! (@shaenbotwin)
ID: 3685595

@WSJbusiness @WSJ who or what is Tim Hortons?

— bryan hall (@cattledawgs)
ID: 3685586

what is tim hortons.

— kody (@fucking_kody)
ID: 3685691

what is tim hortons

— kylie (@tastyrauhl)
ID: 3685659

what is tim hortons? is it an energy drink or somethin?

— Jeanine Toth (@nkotbfan85)
ID: 3685623

13. (Also known as “Americans”.)

"what is tim hortons" u disgust me u american you

— T R I L L G I L L (@urstillafag)
ID: 3685604

14. From all of Canada:

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h/t @SimonOstler!

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