15 Times You Wished “The Big Comfy Couch” Was Real Life

And clowns weren’t the scary crux of your childhood.

1. When you could live in a world where tidying up takes 10 extremely enjoyable seconds.

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2. And it’s socially acceptable to stuff things into the cushions of your couch.

ID: 1868641

3. When you can be a grown ass woman who’s unabashedly best friends with a doll.

ID: 1867609

4. …that can telepathically communicate with you.

ID: 1868103

5. (and you guys really get each other.)

ID: 1868384

6. When dust bunnies actually make really cute scraggly pets.

ID: 1866047

7. When your limbs controlled the hours of the day.

ID: 1868177

8. And you could really fuck with time.

ID: 1868251

9. When you really wanted a pair of comically oversized reading glasses.

ID: 1868291

10. And a sassy clown who delivers your mail on unicycle.

ID: 1868577

11. When your grandmother was an accordion-playing Russian clown named Granny Garbanzo.

ID: 1868754

12. And it was perfectly normal to break up your days in impromptu dance numbers.

At your own private studio called “Dance Academy.”

ID: 1869183

13. When waking up was as easy as:

ID: 1868889

14. And falling asleep came as quickly as:

Lounette obvi never had grievances over insomnia.

ID: 1868926

15. When you could literally live your life on your couch. Oh wait…


Yeah, you can go ahead and blame Lounette and Molly for that bad habit.

ID: 1863745

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