20 Times Karma Did God’s Work

What goes around comes back around EPICALLY.

1. When someone struck bunny ears.

ID: 2002759


ID: 2003085

3. When these guys finally felt that warm, disturbing sensation.

ID: 2002708

4. When this guy tried to pull a fast one on an innocent bystander.

ID: 2002885

5. And thought he was Jokey McJokester.

ID: 2004798

6. But the joke’s on you, David Beckham.

ID: 2002957

7. When this guy lost a backpack of personal belongings and it probably wasn’t worth it.

ID: 2004944

8. When one hitchhiker took advantage of a good deed.

ID: 2003281

9. When a club chick felt so badass the night before.

ID: 2005296

10. When a tow truck parked in an illegal spot.

ID: 2005479

11. And when the police got ticketed.

ID: 2005522

12. When this guy thought he didn’t have to play by the rules.

ID: 2005761

13. When this impatient douche chose to completely ignore the cones.

ID: 2003354

14. When this pretty lady was an asswipe for no reason.

ID: 2003515

15. When this girl acted quickly, and karma did too.

ID: 2005406

16. When this guy tried to play smooth criminal.

ID: 2003942

17. When this betrayed wife got her sweet, sweet revenge.

ID: 2005773

18. I think the lesson here is that when you’ve done something shitty in your life or in a past life….

ID: 2004689

19. …it will always catch up to you.

ID: 2003973

20. So enjoy your lava butt.

ID: 2003617

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