This Video Of Canadian Caribou Stuck Drifting On Ice Is Pretty Heartbreaking

Just Caribou life in Canada I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

1. Facebook user Madison Makayla Lord posted a video of clusters of caribou stranded in a river in Yukon, Canada on Wednesday night.

2. It shows dozens of caribou adrift in the water after ice began breaking in Porcupine River.

Madison shared these still shots to her Facebook as well.

3. The video is going viral in Canada, with some people in awe of the spectacle while others fear for their safety.

4. Madison’s mom, Dayna, who shot the video, says it’s inevitable this time of the year, and there’s not much that can be done.

Apparently “ice break-up season” is a real climate threat to Northern Canada, causing floods to communities each year.

5. “Yeah a lot of people feel bad, but it’s just something that happens every year,” she told CBC News.

6. Dayna witnessed some of the caribou jumping into the subzero water to get to land.

“We’ve seen some run off the ice,” she recalled. “And we’ve seen another bunch of caribou jump off the ice and run up the bank.”

7. This might be the most Canadian thing that ever Canada’d, but we sincerely hope all the caribou safely got to shore!

Dmitri Gomon/ Shutterstock


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