19 Things Kids Of Immigrant Parents Will Instantly Recognize

It’s not a Yoplait container, it’s Tupperware.

1. A round tin holding an assortment of remarkably basic butter cookies.

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2. Which, after consumption, became instant storage.

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3. And even replaced with snacks of their childhood.

(Only because they came conveniently pre-divided.)

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4. A hoarded stack of newspapers, catalogs, and/or solicitous pamphlets because there were COUPONS in them.

JUNK mail? Who’s the fool now.

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5. And no bargains, no matter how useless, would go unused.

Your family did not have a baby, but your parents would still try to cash in this coupon.

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6. Plastic plates and utensils that have been used, washed, and re-used.

The #1 sign you are at a Persian party: They wash the plastic plates to reuse them

— samir mezrahi (@samir)
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7. Food (particularly yogurt) containers your mom recycled as tupperware for leftovers.

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8. Condiments that expanded way beyond ketchup and mustard.

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9. A heap of old appliances, computer monitors, and/or other dated electronics.

Usually stored in a corner of a basement — and NEVER disposed — because, according to your folks, it’s still stuff, and stuff is acquired by money, and money is hard to come by, and you should never throw away money.

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10. And pristinely kept appliances, monitors, and/or other electronics because they’ve never actually left their packagings.

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11. Oh yeah, and protected sofas. Because why have comfy PLUSH when you can have PLASTIC.

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12. Framed photos of relatives back in the mother country, including some you’ve never even met.

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13. …until you realized they were stock photos your parents never took out of the frame.

ID: 2942923

14. T-shirts (they probably copped on sale) with messages they probably don’t understand.

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15. A unique collection of DVDs in their native language, English, and both.

ID: 2941861

16. A stash of “natural home remedies” from their home country.


They had roots and spices and herbs for all your ailments, but no Tylenol.

ID: 2943129

17. Packed lunches that never looked as pretty or neat as PB&J.


No matter what, kids thought you were eating poop :(

ID: 2943198

18. Miscellaneous meat cuts and animal parts stowed away in your freezer.


Only one of many reasons you hesitated to invite your childhood friends over.

ID: 2943308

19. And, of course, this conversation:

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