Canada Has Created The Coolest And Most Canadian Beer Fridge Ever

O Canada, I will drink to thee.

1. In honor of Canada Day on July 1, beer brand Molson Canadian has invented a one-of-a-kind beer fridge that tests your true patriotism.

You might also remember their famous fridge from the Winter Olympics, that only opened with a Canadian passport.

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2. They’ve created a fridge that apparently only opens when you sing the entire Canadian National Anthem.

Yup, the “O Canadaaaaaaaa…our home and native laaaaaaaaaaand…” That one.

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3. And buzzes you out when you mess up.

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4. In an explainer video, the ingenious minds behind the idea discuss how they created a device that tracks the lyrics of the anthem and timing of your singing.

So, if you sing the anthem “with the right timing, and the whole way through,” the doors will unlock and “you’ll get to the magic inside,” they explain.

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5. And while it’s no “Star-Spangled Banner,” we’ve learned “O Canada” is actually pretty hard to belt too.

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6. A lot of natives even flubbed.

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7. But Canadians ultimately came together and triumphed for beer, because, well, of course they did.

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8. And… huzzah! It worked!

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9. The fridge will make a few public appearances on July 1 and throughout the year, so keep an eye out for people wailing “O Canada” in public.

A representative told BuzzFeed that there are currently two official bookings: one on July 1 at The Great Canadian Cabin in The Byward Market in Ottawa, and one on July 14 at the Pemberton Music Festival in B.C. She added that there will be a few more throughout the year.

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10. Cheers to our northern neighboUrs.

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