18 Pains Short People Experience At Bars

It’s a thing, OK?

1. Getting served is the realest struggle ever.

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2. Or just getting the bartender to notice you at all.

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3. No one can see you because it’s dark as fuck and you don’t even exist at anyone’s eye level.

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4. And when you finally lock eyes with someone and get to flirting, their eyes are, like, a million miles away.

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5. Making out can be terribly awkward.

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6. And just avoid dancing promiscuously. It’s just… The proportions don’t work out.

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7. The drunker ones always end up picking you up.

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8. Your fab outfit often goes completely unnoticed.

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9. So you go to great, painful lengths.

Give. Me. Height.

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10. But all your giraffey friends do too, so it doesn’t even make a difference.

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11. Getting sandwiched in a conversation with two tall people is practically reliving your entire childhood.

Down here, guys.

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12. Automatic toilets never recognize your presence to flush.

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13. And your posse can never find you.

Or, rather, you were standing under their armpit and they didn’t see you.

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14. But you’ve learned some tricks along the way to overcome such adversities.

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15. Like always sitting on a high stool.

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16. Or recruiting a short force to roll out with.

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17. Or not letting anyone stand in your sexy dim bar light.

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18. Because no matter the circumstance, nothing can stop you from being the funnest bitch.

Now go on witcho’ fun-sized self!

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