16 Google Searches That Reveal Canada’s Unfriendly Regional Stereotypes


1. Not a whole lot of great things are said about people from Toronto.

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2. And, apparently, Vancouverites are just like Torontonians — just more shallow.

ID: 3449121

3. The rest of Canada has a …complicated relationship with Quebec.

ID: 3449008

4. Calgary’s reputation is not all that cute, either.

ID: 3448984

5. Albertans are cattle-herding-oil-tycoon-cowboys…???

ID: 3449606

6. A lot of baffling assumptions are made about les Montréalaises.

ID: 3449076

7. Winnipeg is a tundra in an undisclosed location.

ID: 3449283

8. …full of very nice cheapskates.

ID: 3449307

9. Saskatoon seems like one of the more hopeful, happy places.

ID: 3449397

10. Mississauga only exists in relation to Toronto.

ID: 3449353

11. And most people tend to …shit on Hamilton.

ID: 3449422

12. Folks are generally confused by Victoria.

ID: 3449464

13. Whereas Edmonton has one consistent result.

ID: 3449330

14. (Guys, a little harsh, eh?)

ID: 3450990

15. Newfoundland’s rep is a very sad mixed bag.

ID: 3449675

16. And no one even has an opinion about Ottawa :(

ID: 3449209

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