The 20 Most Canadian Things To Ever Happen On Vine

Because #WeAreWinter is forever.

1. The Most Relatable Demi Lovato Lyric Vine.

ID: 3480633

2. The Purge: Canadian Edition Vine.

ID: 3480654

3. The Magic Currency Exchange Vine.

ID: 3480666

4. This Little Girl Getting Rowed Up Over Hockey Night In Canada Vine.

ID: 3480694

5. And This Vine Proving Hockey Is Just As Gangsta As Any Other Sport.

ID: 3480728

6. The Holidays In Canada Vine.

ID: 3480763

7. The “Roll Up To Win” Struggle Vine.

ID: 3480808

8. The It’s Only October In Canada Vine.

ID: 3480825

9. The It’s Supposed To Be Spring In Canada Vine.

ID: 3480852

10. And The IT’S FINALLY SPRING… Vine.

ID: 3481354

11. The Holy Bagged Milk Proclamation Vine.

ID: 3481245

12. The Other Canadian “Green” Party Vine.

ID: 3481420

13. The When It’s Stupid Cold Out Vine.

ID: 3481468

14. The Hostile Canucks Shit-Talking And Threatening To “Curbstomp” Someone Vine.

ID: 3481511

15. The Guy Who Shamelessly Shimmied Past Harper For Some Beer (And Harper Politely Moves Out Of The Way) Vine.

ID: 3481562

16. The Guide To Canadian Cussing Vine.

ID: 3481605

17. That One Stereotype Vine.

ID: 3481694

18. The Great Apology Exchange Vine.

ID: 3481689

19. The Official Dachshund Mountie Vine.

ID: 3481746

20. And, Forever, The Vines Of The Exact Moment Canada Won Olympic Gold This Year That Was Heard Around The World.

ID: 3481892


ID: 3482357


ID: 3482166

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