Can You Get Through This Post Without Shedding A Tear?

Humans are wonderful. WARNING: Not for the easily teary-eyed.

1. First, look at the expression across this boy’s face after concert-goers gave him a front-row seat.

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic
ID: 3496077

2. And the reaction of these two dads at the exact moment they met their new baby boy.

ID: 3495935

3. Look at these photos of a man’s “first hello” and “last goodbye” to his lifelong friend.

ID: 3496000

4. And these, of how Duke spent his last day.

Robyn Arouty / Via
ID: 3496200

5. Then meet rescue pup Billy, and his adopter Adam.

ID: 3497188

6. Check out Caine and his arcade.

BuzzFeed / Via

(Watch his full story here.)

ID: 3497234

7. Then meet this security guard at the Magic Kingdom.

ID: 3499570

8. Look through this couple’s photos that prove love will trump all.

Tim Dodd / Via
ID: 3498117

9. Remember classic Winnie The Pooh cartoons? And how it taught you the heart-shattering beauty of true friendship?

http://E.H. Shepard
ID: 3497542
http://E.H. Shepard
ID: 3497550

11. Witness man’s best friend, and best friend’s man.

ID: 3498162

12. Watch as this guy carried out his brother’s last wish: to tip an unsuspecting waiter/waitress $500.

ID: 3499582

13. And then there was this video capturing just how far this man goes to help save his wife’s life.

ID: 3497753

14. Here’s the story of Harold Jellicoe Percival, a veteran who passed and had no close family who could attend his funeral…

So sad .... I do hope someone can attend

— living-the-dream (@middleaged_mom)
ID: 3498411

15. …until, after other publications covered the story, hundreds of servicemen and civilians showed up the morning of Harold’s funeral.

Harold Percival's funeral in Lytham. Mourners young and old.

— Nick Garnett (@nicholasgarnett)
ID: 3498429

16. Look at the joy of this elderly man with a corgi.

ID: 3505021

17. A Redditor found this note on the plane that someone wrote to herself.

ID: 3498529

18. Take a look at this sign.

ID: 3499522

19. And at this little boy after his hockey hero, Minnesota Wild’s Charlie Coyle, waved at him.

ID: 3504872

21. Now, if you haven’t yet watched Up, brace yourselves for the movies’ first scenes.

ID: 3499712

22. :’ )

Pixar / Via
ID: 3499716

23. Watch this reunion between a soldier coming home to his dogs:

ID: 3506420

24. And the one between brothers:

ID: 3506441

27. (After the story ran, 11-year-old Colin received thousands of cards on his birthday.)

AP Photo/Kalamazoo Gazette-MLive Media Group, Chuck Miller
ID: 3506664

28. And these final moments of Mufasa’s life in The Lion King

ID: 3497586

29. BRB :’( :’( :’(

ID: 3497604

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