19 Cakes That Capture The Emotional Stages Of The Post-Grad Job Hunt

If only it were actually a piece of cake. Badum-ch.

1. Weeks before graduation, as you triumphed through the last finals of your life, you couldn’t wait to be done with school.

ID: 1925199

2. And then you did it!

ID: 1925315

3. You made your parents so proud.

ID: 1925309

4. But you quickly realized it was time to officially leave the nest.

ID: 1925391

5. And get a job.

ID: 1925353

6. So, you begin to delete (or change the privacy settings of) your past and head straight for your career.

ID: 1927019

7. After submitting a few applications, you start to feel kinda good.

ID: 1926913

8. But then comes the anxiety-inducing waiting period.

ID: 1927190


ID: 1927213

10. You start to doubt your professional capabilities.

ID: 1925903

11. And whether former employers liked you enough to help you out.

ID: 1926530

12. And what a job even means in the larger, existential scheme.

ID: 1928229

13. You get really bitter and resentful of all your friends’ new job updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

ID: 1926682

14. Then a completely irrational fear begins to settle in: What if you never get a job?

ID: 1927339

15. No, you’re being crazy. You have a college degree you can count on.

ID: 1927398

16. Which puts you in a higher bracket than other applicants…right?

ID: 1926585

17. Right. So put away Netflix and get back to the grind.

ID: 1927535

18. Because it’s almost over!

ID: 1927622

19. And you’ll soon have something to celebrate.

Go you.

ID: 1926485

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