25 Problems Only People Who Have Worked At A Pool Understand

Professional poop and puke handlers.

2. You’ve also come to terms with weird ass tan lines.

(If you weren’t a lifeguard, you were committed to a sexy T-shirt one.)

3. That make you look like you’re wearing your uniform even when you’re not.

(And, FOR SOME REASON, people are unabashedly more gross in a public pool bathroom than any other public bathroom.)

6. And not only do little kids shit, they are LITTLE SHITS who don’t respect your authority.

8. If you’ve worked concessions, you know that people have ridiculous and unrealistic standards of pool food.

9. No matter what position you held, the best and worst perk was the concessions discounts.

Best: cheap shitty food.
Worst: cheap shitty food.

10. (and if you didn’t get discounts, you had that one friend in concessions who gave you the hookup ;-)

11. Your shifts started ridiculously early for, like, the TWO lap swimmers who insisted on swimming at 7 AM.

13. You spend 70% of your days putting away floaties and noodles.

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14. You learn that people have no inhibitions about what they’re exposing to the world.

15. You’ll also learn that people lose all logic when they go to the pool.

16. You’ve seen your fair share of tattoos and piercings in all sorts of places…

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17. In the summers, you had those sunbathers…. who showed up… every day… without fail.


They should have stopped 500 trips ago.

18. At least one person will complain to you about the heat, and you’re like, “what did you expect, sir, you’re at a pool.”

19. You somehow find yourself there even when you’re not on the schedule.

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21. You know that what people take into the water, doesn’t always come back out with them.

22. You’ve seen everything that could ever happen in water and nothing phases you anymore.

24. At least you’re not working some horrible INDOOR job, wasting your sun and summer away.

25. Plus, you probably wouldn’t have met your new dysfunctional pool family :).

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