The Most Beautiful Fish In The World

Fish are beautiful creatures that have the most amazing colors and markings. The fine folks at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing create wonderful aquariums and tanks to house these stunning animals. To see brilliant masterpieces of art and beautiful fish, catch Tanked on Animal Planet, Saturdays at 9PM E/P.

1. Banggai Cardinal Fish

2. Blueface Angelfish

3. Clownfish

4. Clown Trigger Fish

5. Dwarf Gourami

6. Flame Angel

7. French Angelfish

8. Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

9. Lion Fish

10. Lyretail anthias

11. Mandarinfish

12. Moorish Idol

13. Parrot Fish

14. Pseudanthias taeniatus

15. Pufferfish

16. Regal Tang

17. Snakeskin Discus

18. Striped Butterflyfish

19. Symphysodon Discus

20. Trigger Fish


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