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  • Center Stage

    Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference kicks off June 10, and all eyes will be Jonathan Ive. Known for his elegant hardware design, the conference mark the first since Ive took over Apple’s software design.

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  • Safari 5 Arrives and 1Password 3.2 is Live

    The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2010, being held in San Francisco this week, kicked off this morning with a keynote by Steve Jobs. Right now, what we’d like to talk to you about is…Safari 5. It’s here, and we’re ready. 1Password 3 has been updated for Safari 5 compatibility, so you won’t have to wait to upgrade to Safari 5 or do without 1Password in Safari.

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  • 8 Things Apple Didn’t Announce

    The iPhone 4 is here now and it’s all that we had hoped for and…well, that’s about it. Apple’s now predictable keynote began with stats, ended with “one more thing” and detailed a few highlights throughout regarding the company’s latest creation, the iPhone 4.But one thing didn’t happen today: we

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  • Steve Jobs is Dying (Maybe)

    Another round of Steve Jobs Deathwatch rumors are flying after his Macworld keynote cancellation. Apple shares fell 2 percent today on the report. Similar rumors circulated after Jobs’ gaunt appearance during the 3G iPhone launch, so as always, take everything with a grain of salt. He beat pancreatic cancer 4 years ago but kept it a secret until it was clear he was recovering. Apple fans, investors, and industry watchers are hoping that won’t be repeated. Get well soon, Steve! Read More ›

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