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  • 25 Photos Of People Posing With Love Nuts

    The world’s largest seed, the fruit of the coco de mer palm (aka, “the love nut,” “the bum seed” and “the Maldive coconut”) can be found on the Praslin, Curieuse and Seychelles islands of the Indian Ocean. It also happens to look a great deal like a woman’s naughty bits. The coco de mer is in the news recently after the foreign minister of the Seychelles gave one to Prince William and Kate Middleton as a honeymoon gift. Aside from their general genitalia-ness, this raised a few eyebrows as the love nut is also considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Here now are some people having fun with their bum seeds. View List ›

    Gavon Laessig 3 years ago 36 responses

  • The Royal Wedding Drinking Game

    Perhaps the only way to make this thing tolerable. God save the Queen and your liver if you adhere strictly to these rules. But no, congratulations William and Kate. Many happy returns, and may you get as pissed as anyone who plays this game. That’s what the Brits say, isn’t it? “Pissed”? “Bangers and mash”? “Metric system”? View List ›

    Gavon Laessig 3 years ago 68 responses