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  • Leading Hollywood Men Walk The Runway For Prada

    Is it a coincidence that none of these men were nominated for a Golden Globe? On Sunday night, while most of us were glued in to Ricky Gervais and NBC all night, a handful of big stars — Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Gary Oldman, Emile Hirsch, Garrett Hedlund, Jamie Bell, and Tim Roth — were busy walking in Prada’s Fall-winter 2012-2013 Menswear collection in Milan.

    Whitney Jefferson 3 years ago 32 responses

  • Antichrist’s Torture Porn

    Lars Von Trier’s new movie features a scene in which Charlotte Gainsbourg smashes Willem Dafoe’s testicles and then proceeds with some other unladylike acts, before mutilating herself. (You can read about the scene in great detail below, but this is a family site.) People at Cannes are really pissed off about it, but everyone seems to be ok with cat videos at a film festival. I guess I don’t understand art anymore. Read More ›

    Amanda Dobbins 5 years ago 9 responses