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  • Mitt Romney Warned In 2008 Democrats Would Take The Work Requirement Out Of Welfare

    Mitt Romney often attacks President Obama for a Health and Human Services memo giving states the possibility to get waivers for more flexibility on certain requirements of the welfare-to-work law. Romney says that President Obama “gutted” welfare reform. In his 2008 speech to the RNC, Mitt Romney said the liberals under an Obama would “take work requirements out of welfare” to “replace opportunity with dependency on government largesse.”

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  • Obama Was Asked In 2007 If He Would Change Clinton Welfare Reform

    President Obama has taken heat from the Romney campaign in a new ad saying he gutted the Clinton welfare reform plan from 1996. At a 2007 town hall, then Senator Obama was asked how he would change Clinton’s welfare reform plan. Obama said that Clinton’s plan “didn’t give people enough tools to get out of welfare.” Obama proposed ideas such as expanding the child tax credit, providing more help with transportation, expanding the earned income tax credit, providing health care entry level jobs if it is not provided, and increasing education and job training to help people get off welfare.

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