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  • See Sarah Robles Model Some New Dresses

    Robles, the USA’s best chance at an Olympic medal in weightlifting, wears gym clothes all the time, and has spoken frankly about how hard it is to find non-gym things that suit her. Designer Jill Alexander, swept in with some fancy dresses and things for Robles to wear. “She’s one of the top athletes in the world. She’s not unhealthy, she’s not lazy, but she has trouble finding clothes that fit well,” Alexander says. “She’s empowering women to speak out and say, ‘I deserve better from the fashion industry.’” (via

    Amy Odell 2 years ago 22 responses

  • Weightlifter Sarah Robles’s Journey To The Olympics Is Looking Up

    Robles’s story of fighting poverty and body-image issues on her way to the London games has resonated with thousands of people since appearing in Time magazine and on BuzzFeed Shift. Thanks to their help, she’s raised a bundle of money and accrued a legion of supporters rallying to get her sponsorships, magazine covers, and more. Here’s a full update on what’s new with her career.

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  • Weightlifting Mishap

    24-year-old Janos Baranyai won’t be going home with any medals from the Olympics. This just looks so incredibly painful! The strangest part of the video, though, is just after Baranyai collapses on the mat in leg-shaking pain and a group of helpful Chinese assistants rush out to block him from view. Read More ›

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