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  • ROFLcon

    The first official convention celebrating Internet memes will take place at Harvard University, where hundreds of web nerds will actually hear each other LOL. Buzzfeed won’t be in attendance, but we can only hope there’s a party DJ on hand to awkwardly beckon Tron Guy to the dance floor. Read More ›

    BuzzFeed Classic 6 years ago respond

  • magibon / MRirian

    One of the most popular profiles on YouTube features videos of a young girl named “magibon” or “MRirian” staring bashfully into a webcam. Her profile says she is 21-years old but various sources say she is actually only 14. Wonder if her parents know she is getting hundreds of thousands of views each week? She looks like she is either gonna break out into tears or peals of laughter. Read More ›

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