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  • LeVar Burton Is Webby

    The former Reading Rainbow host (and star of Star Trek and Roots) has taken back his Twitter after an impostor set up a fake account in his name, consequently turning Burton into somewhat of a new media junkie. See what happens when one proudly waves his nerd flag? Celebrity reborn, y’all. Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago 6 responses

  • Drunk Womens

    CBS launched a mobile photo upload app for the iPhone yesterday, and it quickly become a repository of NSFW images. The app lets users send photos like the one below directly to CBSeyemobile.com — they’ve since been trying to clean up the site, but a recent visit turned up photos of a dead horse and a cover shot of Rough Riders magazine. View Image ›

    Scott Lamb 6 years ago respond

  • Seriosity

    This Palo Alto start-up thinks you’d have an easier time sorting through your inbox if all correspondence was “paid for” in a system of currency — called “Serios” — that attaches different levels of priority to each e-mail. But, much like the eternal “if a tree falls in the forest” question, will your mom consider her political blooper forward as urgent as a direct memo from your boss? (Answer: Uh, yeah.) Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 6 years ago 1 response

  • Beer Pong 2.0

    CollegeHumor was all set to take on Facebook staffers in a beer pong tournament until the social networking site pulled out at the last minute, blaming the forfeit on “legal and PR reasons.” Some might be surprised to learn that web developers would so enthusiastically partake in actual real life competition, but then again, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Steve Jobs in a cage match. Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 6 years ago respond

  • Facebook In Real Life

    Imagine if your life worked just like it does on the mammoth social network. Scary, right? Because, really, if someone ever actually claimed aloud to be looking for “random play,” you’d probably suggest they immediately get tested for “random STD’s.” Watch Video ›

    Eliot Glazer 6 years ago 1 response

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

    Initially having found success as a video blogger - his wine show attracts 80,000 viewers daily - the “social media sommelier” is out to conquer the world with TV appearances, a Hollywood agent, and a book already in sixth place on Amazon’s Cooking, Food & Wine section. In keeping his fans constantly abreast via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and countless other social networks, Vaynerchuk has developed as ubiquitous a presence online as Jamie Lee Curtis has in those commercials for the yogurt that makes you poop. Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 6 years ago 1 response

  • Lori Drew

    The mother and businesswoman from Missouri was indicted today by a federal grand jury in California for creating a fake profile on MySpace specifically to bully 13-year-old Megan Meier, who killed herself as a result. She could face up to 20 years in prison, where we assume that - at best - she’ll only have access to dial-up. Now that’s what we call karma. Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 6 years ago respond

  • Something Store

    For ten bucks (shipping included), this site will send you something, although you won’t know what. Past gifts have included duct tape wallets, flying alarm clocks, and belly dance costumes. In a world where birthdays can often result in getting homemade soap and gift certificates to chain restaurants, why not reach into this virtual grab bag of awesomeness? (Thanks to Hurty Elbow for the tip!) Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 6 years ago 1 response

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