washing your hands

  • Signs of Clean Hands

    If you are not already practicing good hygiene by washing your hands after you use the restroom, then this week might be the perfect time to start. It’s National Clean Hands Week! Here are some signs with very clear directions for those of you who may be unsure of just how to go about it. View List ›

    MelisBuzzFeed 3 years ago 19 responses

  • Poor Little Fishbowl Sink

    Designed by Yan Lu, the Poor Little Fishbowl Sink encourages you to conserve by slowly draining water from the bowl every time you use the sink and inadvertently giving your little buddy an impromptu funeral. Cool ideal, although I imagine there are some sadists out there who might enjoy the occasional maniacal cackling while they wash their hands. View Image ›

    zombieianbrooks 3 years ago 53 responses

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