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  • Bond King Takedown

    Bill Gross, founder of the world’s largest bond fund, PIMCO, was the subject of a devastating article in The Wall Street Journal that questioned his management style and recent investment performance, laying much of the blame for the recent departure of CEO Mohamed El-Erian at his feet.

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  • 50 Reasons to Be Pissed About High Oil Prices

    Wall Street Journal blogger, Tom Weber, compiles a list of 50 things being blamed on high oil prices. If oil prices don’t already have you pulling out your hair, here are 50 convincing reasons why you should be. Included in the list are a sashimi shortage in Japan, angry squid fishermen everywhere, and canceled training sessions for the French navy…funny, never knew they trained. Joking aside, though, this is for real. Read More ›

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  • Marcus Brauchli

    The managing editor of the Wall Street Journal is resigning. Brauchli’s resignation is reportedly amicable, but comes just four months after Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of the Journal, and one staffer at the paper says “this is a clear sign that it’s over.” Read More ›

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