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  • trashy

    PETA Under Fire For Violent New "Go Vegan" Ad

    Is PETA promoting the ethical treatment of animals at the expense of the ethical treatment of women? That’s what some are alleging after seeing the organization’s new ad, which implies becoming a vegan will make a man so virile that he’ll “knock the bottom out of” his girlfriend, leaving her bruised, limping and in a neck brace. What do you think?

    Matt Cherette 2 years ago 267 responses

  • Eggs, Billboards

    These billboards are advertising two different kinds of eggs. Also, gross. And OMG, billboard juxtaposition. I wish there were a law that two billboards posted next to each other had to have a really high irony factor. It would make driving on the interstate way more intense. View Image ›

    Jack Shepherd 5 years ago 33 responses

  • Vegan Rabbit Symbol

    Jorge Garcia (aka Hurley on Lost) loves these vegan marshmallows and their confusing label, as illustrated on his blog. Maybe vegan rabbits eat the marshmallows. Or what if the marshmallows are made of vegan rabbits!? And you thought Lost was confusing! View Image ›

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago 11 responses