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  • Holy S**T!!!!! TWITPOCALYPSE COMES!!!! At 5pm EST! [Updated]!!

    The Twitterverse is DOOMED. According to twitter oceans will turn to blood, and the twitter will burst into Web 2.0 flames, immolating all its users and their computers, pdas, phones, etc. AND IT WILL (probably) HAPPEN TOMORROW. Actually some third-party twitter services might break for a while because of a math/computery thing that is slightly difficult to understand (like Y2K, but with negative numbers). But it’s okay! You can take this quiz to find out what to do. God help you if you are twitter. UPDATE: TECH CRUNCH is saying “This crash was supposed to happen sometime tomorrow, according to the countdown, but it looks like Twitter has just moved up the Twitpocalypse time to 21:00 GMT, which is 2 PM Pacific/5PM Eastern time today.” THAT’S Almost NOW!!! View Image ›

    Gustavo Araoz 5 years ago 9 responses

  • @cookbook

    The NYT profiles Twitter’s very own cookbook, with 140-character recipes to amaze and delight you. These actually look more like math problems than delicious things to put in my stomach. But if anyone wants to solve the Rhubarb Upside Down Cake equation, I’m here for sampling. Read More ›

    Amanda Dobbins 5 years ago 6 responses

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