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  • Tila Tequila Sex Tape

    Tila Tequila’s lesbian threesome sex tape extravaganza, “Tila Tequila Uncorked” has hit the ol’ Internet. In this installment, celebrity MySpace user Tila Tequila has graphic lesbian sex with two lesbians. So, I don’t know, that’s a thing. You can look at pictures from the orgy here, if you are so inclined. Read More ›

    Sex Tapes! 3 years ago 12 responses

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    Tila Tequila’s Naked UStream Rant

    Tila Tequila woke up this morning and decided she wanted to get totally naked and rant about her life troubles. Which, don’t we all sometimes? But Tila took it to the next level and broadcast the entire naked rant on UStream TV. Snap judgment: Tila Tequila naked is not sufficient incentive to endure Tila Tequila’s insane ravings. She has since (mercifully) removed the video. Update: If you didn’t get to watch the video, Tila Tequila has “explained” her naked UStream video extravaganza to TMZ. It all makes sense now. UPDATE: Sigh. Now there’s apparently a sex tape. Does anyone still care at this point? Read More ›

    Jack Shepherd 4 years ago 23 responses