Latest On Tiger Woods 6th Mistress

  • Tiger Woods Misstresses

    Tiger Woods’ mistresses have been quiet for either months or years, depending on rumors. But nowadays, Woods’ mistresses can’t stop talking, since it’s safe to come forward now. In fact, it’s become quite profitable to come out of the shadows, and make their lover look even worse. The story should have neared an end when Woods confessed a week ago, but with more and more Tiger Woods mistresses being rumored, the saga just keeps running on fumes. The number of alleged mistresses varies, depending on which gossip column or blog one reads. A week ago, it was up to four, and now its as high as nine. This weekend alone has almost doubled the roster, according to Gossip Center.

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  • Bryant Gumbel

    Watch Live With Regis and Kelly this Monday morning. Live With Regis and Kelly will guest co-host Bryant Gumbel, Ray Romano, and John Lithgow at 9 a.m. KABC. Here is what’s happening in today’s Monday TV Talk shows: The Early Show John Lithgow; “The Amazing Race.” (N) 7 a.m. KCBS

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