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  • Johan Santana Sexual Assault Charge

    Mets pitcher Johan Santana was accused of sexual assault near his home in October, though authorities eventually dismissed the charges due to lack of evidence. The accusations, which are just coming to light, involve Santana’s alleged rape of a victim, named as Jane Doe (probably not her real name!), on a golf course. The victim claims that Santana started kissing her and and eventually raped her, despite her persistent objections. Read More ›

    News (Kind Of) 4 years ago 4 responses

  • The Wright Stache

    A blog that begs Mets slugger David Wright to grow a mustache. Why? The champion 1986 Mets had a record 11 mustaches, while 2009’s Mets currently have 3. A little superstition never hurt anyone? And shouldn’t mustaches technically be the new beards by now?

    Lindsey 5 years ago 10 responses

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