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  • Alien Swarm is Free, Fun, and Full of Potential

    Every once in a while a video game company does something worth telling the world about. Released yesterday, Valve’s new game Alien Swarm is one of those such things—and it wouldn’t have been possible without Steam and its large audience of varied gamers to distribute to.

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  • “Perils of Summer” Steam Sale Begins Today

    Each year millions of people are lured outdoors by the long, sun-drenched days of summer. With so many people spending the bulk of their time outside, it dramatically raises their risk of getting hurt. We urge you to play it safe, stay inside and save big with the “Perils of Summer” sale beginning t

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  • Free Portal!

    This is a triumph. I’m making a note here. Huge success. Well, this is more of a public announcement. Free Portal! Till May 24th. Then this link will be a lie.

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  • omg

    Volcano Eruption from Space

    Check out this super-cool photo of a Russian volcano eruption as seen from space. Those lucky duckies on the International Space Station took it, and scientists are excited because it shows the shock wave and top of the blast steam bubble. I’m excited because it looks like a marshmallow covered with that disease my goldfish always get. View Image ›

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