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  • Stanley Kubrick’s “Iron Man”

    Comic Book author Warren Ellis gave artists the challenge of creating a poster for an Iron Man movie, if the one and only Stanley Kubrick had directed it. All the designs are awesome, and there’s no doubt Kubrick fans are now salivating at this very idea. Check out some of the best submissions! You can find the rest over here! View List ›

    MelisBuzzFeed 3 years ago 17 responses

  • Kubrick Porn

    A round-up of pornos inspired by Stanley Kubrick films, including A Clockwork Orgy. You’ll definitely want to watch the clip from a spoof entitled The Sexxxing, which is slightly NSFW, about an office haunted by horny lesbians. Hopefully there are some giant genitalia topiaries featured in the full-length. Read More ›

    Peggy Wang 6 years ago respond