Latest On Sports Scandals

  • Wimbledon Gambling

    As the 2008 Wimbledon tennis tournament begins, authorities are looking into claims that gamblers fixed eight of last year’s matches. The growing tennis fixing scandal, which made news headlines late last year, has focused mostly on the Russian mafia paying off lower-ranked players to throw matches, so Scotland Yard is stepping in this year to try and combat fixing. So there’s more to Wimbledon than just white tennis shorts! Read More ›

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  • Lesbian Kiss Controversy

    No, it doesn’t involve Lindsay Lohan. Two women were asked to stop kissing at a Mariners baseball game in Seattle last week after someone in the stands complained. An usher asked them to quit with the kissing, the story leaked to blogs and the local media, and now apparently the Mariners have apologized. Read More ›

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  • Kobe’s Vanessas

    Kobe Bryant is reportedly having an affair with Vanessa Curry, a Lakers cheerleader. To make things worse, his wife Vanessa has cussed out an ESPN reporter who claimed Kobe was bonking the “hotter Vanessa.” If your name is Vanessa, you better watch your back! Kobe could be coming after you. Read More ›

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  • Apologizing To The Pats

    The Boston Herald makes a formal apology to the Patriots for accusing them falsely. The day before the last Super Bowl, the Herald ran a story about how the Pats had videotaped the Rams before Super Bowl XXXVI, except oops that never happened. Now the paper is officially saying sorry and readers are incensed. Read More ›

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  • O.J. Mayo Scandal

    The single-season USC basketball player has allegedly been receiving gifts and cash from recruiters since high school. Mayo played one season at USC and will be heading into the NBA draft with a cloud hanging over his head. Louis Johnson, a former friend of Mayo’s, says the USC star has been receiving money and perks — like a flat-screen TV — from an L.A. promoter for several years. Read More ›

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  • Pedro Martinez Cockfight Video

    A video of the Mets pitcher presiding over a cockfight with Hall of Famer Juan Marichal makes its rounds online. It appeared briefly on YouTube, and is now inevitably resurfacing. The video takes place in the Dominican Republic, where cockfighting is legal, but Martinez is now facing a PR nightmare here in the U.S. Read More ›

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    A site devoted to exploiting Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s apparent inability to play well in front of his girlfriend, Jessica Simpson. It’s a pretty simple concept: Fans of opposing teams wear Simpson masks to future Cowboys games, ensuring victory for their side. Read More ›

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  • Barry Bonds Indicted

    Leave it to Barry Bonds to knock Pay-Rod from the top of the baseball headlines. Yes, it finally happened. Bonds has been indicted on five counts of perjury and obstruction of justice stemming from his 2003 grand jury testimony about illegal steroid use, and now faces up to 30 years in prison. Here’s the scoop on why it happened, and what’s likely to happen next. Read More ›

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  • Testing Floyd Landis

    New tests from the French anti-doping agency indicate the 2006 Tour de France “winner” did indeed have synthetic testosterone in his blood stream. The Landis camp calls the tests illegal, but does anyone really care anymore? More importantly: What have they been doing with his urine all this time? Read More ›

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