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  • Center Stage

    Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference kicks off June 10, and all eyes will be Jonathan Ive. Known for his elegant hardware design, the conference mark the first since Ive took over Apple’s software design.

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  • lol

    Before And After Photoshops

    George Clooney and Kim Kardashian have never looked frumpier. Concerned about the negative psychological impact of deceitful media images, Dartmouth Professor Hany Farid has developed an algorithm to determine how much a photo has been manipulated through digital chicanery. Here are the worst offenders from his study.

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  • Software I Use

    Bloggers and tech writers reveal the programs they use. I’m a big fan of: Firefox, Adium, TextPad, Google Reader and Gmail (which I run through Fluid) and Gimp for my sad little Photoshop moments. What do you use? Read More ›

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  • Download Day

    A new version of Firefox is coming soon, and they’re hoping to set a Guinness Record for the most downloads in a single day. You can pledge to download here, or just wait until it’s out and then download it; the official date will be released soon. Read More ›

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  • New York Times API

    The Gray Lady is reportedly working on the first newspaper API. Aron Pilhofer, the paper’s editor of interactive news, says the goal is to “make the NYT programmable. Everything we produce should be organized data.” Read More ›

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  • iPhone Earth

    Tilt your iPhone and the world tilts with you. This demo of virtual Earth software from Earthscape offers many of the same features as Google Earth, with the bonus of being able to tilt and rotate the phone to change perspective as you navigate. Watch Video ›

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