Latest On Singer-Songwriters

  • Jeremy Jay

    Foppish, lanky LA-based songwriter has a new album out and is getting comparisons to Jens Lekman, Buddy Holly, and Jonathan Richman. Whether or not you believe he’s America’s last dying hope for great songwriting (I do), you gotta admit - he’s pretty high on style. Read More ›

    Peggy Wang 6 years ago respond

  • Tom Milsom

    Young, emo-looking boy plays pop songs on the ukelele about MySpace and has an album coming out called “Awkward Ballads for the Easily Pleased.” From the Demetri Martin School of Quirk, or maybe more accurately the Garden State School of Sensitivity, this kid is like a cross between Jake from Squirt TV and Conor Oberst. Read More ›

    Peggy Wang 6 years ago 4 responses