shuffling off this mortal coil

  • How Will You Die?

    “While you may be worried of catching of an obscure disease you heard about on the news, the truth is that we are far more likely to die of a small range of illnesses…” Well that’s good news. I can finally start eating bacon again.

    Cornell C. 4 years ago 6 responses

  • Dead at Your Age

    Having a bad day? Check out and find out who you’ve outlived. Then you can be like, “It’s true that today’s kind of shitty, but at least I’m not a month dead, like Meet the Parents star Nicole DeHuff was at my age.” It won’t cheer you up at all - trust me. But it passes the time. Check it out, then let us know if you’ve outlived anyone better than Nicole DeHuff (may she rest in peace).

    Jack Shepherd 5 years ago 1 response

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