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  • We Need Girlfriends

    The New York Times describes the beta male as “that gentle, endearingly awkward, self-conscious soul for whom love is a battlefield.” Enter the lives of three “beta males” whose online sitcom We Need Girlfriends is being courted by Darren Star of Sex and the City fame. Sad pathetic boys are totally hot right now! We have a hard time believing that sensitive posterboys like Evan Dando and Conor Oberst ever had a problem getting laid. Read More ›

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  • Crushing on Michael Cera

    Who ever thought the awkward, adenoidal kid who played George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development would turn into a sex symbol? Amazingly enough, Michael Cera’s roles in the hit films Juno and Superbad have made him an object of adoration with a certain type of woman. Dudes everywhere are hoping the Michael Cera backlash sets in soon. Read More ›

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  • Sensitive Morrissey Fans

    Morrissey fans are boycotting David Letterman after he made some anti-vegetarian remarks. We’ve all had our fair share of sleepless nights, listening to “I Know It’s Over” by the Smiths on repeat, crying into our pillows. If you can’t relate, you must be one of those horrible, mean, callous, meat-eating types! Read More ›

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