Latest On Self-Portraits

  • FaceYourManga

    Make your manga avatar. It’s finally time — you held off on getting a Facebook page forever, but finally relented. Then you started using Twitter, or maybe started a Tumblr. Now it’s time to jump into the necessary evil of avatars, if for no other reason than to waste 15 minutes on a Friday. Read More ›

    Scott Lamb 6 years ago 13 responses

  • World’s Largest Self-portrait

    Using a briefcase loaded with a GPS gadget and the package-carrier DHL, artist Erik Nordenankar has created a continent-spanning drawing of himself. I was wondering how he had so much footage of the inside of shipping facilities and planes (and why those planes would fly such scribbly routes,) but it turns out that the whole thing is an advertising hoax commissioned by DHL. Yay for artvertising I suppose. View Image ›

    Eric Buth 6 years ago respond