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  • Who Is Chelsea Manning?

    UPDATED: After being sentenced to 35 years in prison, the 26-year-old army private formerly known as Bradley Manning told the world that she will live the rest of her life as Chelsea Manning — here’s a look at the person behind the biggest leak in U.S. history, using Manning’s chat logs, court martial testimony, and statements.

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  • Traitorware: When Your Devices Are Used Against You

    To discourage users from jailbreaking their iPhones (which is legal now, btw), Apple recently filed a patent for spyware that would detect unlocked phones and enable them to remotely lock out unauthorized iOS users. The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has lashed out at Apple’s patent application, coining a new term “traitorware” for software that goes beyond spyware to activate your devices on the sly and use them against you.

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  • Arizona Gov. Brewer to Obama: Secure our border

    Facing off over illegal immigration, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer told President Barack Obama that Americans “want our border secured” and called Thursday for completion of a separating fence. Obama underscored his objections that the tough immigration law she signed is discriminatory.

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  • Facebook Cracking Down on Rogue Apps with New Verification Program

    Facebook is launching a new security measure that is clearly a response to the numerous threats created by rogue applications that have been spreading across the social network in recent weeks. According to news from the Facebook Developers blog, all application developers must now verify their Facebook account by either confirming a mobile phone number or adding a credit card to their account.

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  • Rambo Rabbi Training Chosen Guns

    Well, the New York Post earned its fifty cents today. Let’s start with the cover, which at first glance seems like a work of fantasy but actually documents a real-life, tough-talking rabbi and his plastic pistol-packing “God Squad.”

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  • Foreign Hostages Killed in Yemen

    At least three kidnapped foreigners have been killed in a remote Yemeni province, and security officials in the capital on Monday reported another six were also dead. The slayings took place in a region where al-Qaida militants have a strong presence.

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  • T5000

    The British have developed a new camera called the ThruVision T5000 System that can see through clothes at up to 80ft away. Before your perverted heart goes all aflutter, you’ll be disappointed to find out that the x-ray exposes no physical anatomical details, and the technology will probably only be used in airports to like, make sure you’re not carrying a machine gun or a giant block of cocaine. Read More ›

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