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  • Who Is Chelsea Manning?

    UPDATED: After being sentenced to 35 years in prison, the 26-year-old army private formerly known as Bradley Manning told the world that she will live the rest of her life as Chelsea Manning — here’s a look at the person behind the biggest leak in U.S. history, using Manning’s chat logs, court martial testimony, and statements.

    Ellie Hall a year ago 45 responses

  • T5000

    The British have developed a new camera called the ThruVision T5000 System that can see through clothes at up to 80ft away. Before your perverted heart goes all aflutter, you’ll be disappointed to find out that the x-ray exposes no physical anatomical details, and the technology will probably only be used in airports to like, make sure you’re not carrying a machine gun or a giant block of cocaine. Read More ›

    BuzzFeed Classic 6 years ago 4 responses