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  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    It’s pretty much a done deal: Barring some juicy scandal, Hillary Clinton will be nominated as Secretary of State after Thanksgiving, according to aides from the Obama camp. The Wall Street Journal reports that “the Obama transition team has resolved the financial disclosure issues surrounding the work of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and the president-elect feels comfortable moving ahead with the nomination.” Does this mean that we’re now officially out of interesting political things to talk about until the inauguration? Read More ›

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  • Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State

    The former Democratic frontrunner has accepted Obama’s offer and will be the next Secretary of State, according to the Guardian. Clinton, however, will be prohibited from entering the Oval Office without supervision, as rumor has it that she’s already hatched a plan to handcuff herself to the Prez’s desk.

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  • Clinton Offered Secretary of State

    According to Democratic officials, Barack Obama has offered Hillary Clinton the position of Secretary of State. Pundits have been discussing the possiblity for a while now, but it’s no surprise she was ultimately offered some consolation prize for piping down and getting in line after her bumpy loss in the primaries. Read More ›

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  • Hilary Clinton New Secretary Of State?

    Rumor has it Hilary’s recent trip to Chicago wasn’t just for personal reasons - a Democratic official has confirmed that she met with President-elect Obama to chat about her possibly accepting the Secretary of State position. Obviously, girlz rule when it comes to being Secretary of State (especially if we end up having three women occupy the role since 1997). Read More ›

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