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  • Strangers in Paradise

    An online documentary about two ladies who experience crushing adultery by their avatar husband on Second Life. The gals “gave up everything, husbands and children, to meet the man behind their fantasies.” Can somebody find a cybertherapist for these ladies? Does health insurance even exist in Second Life?

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago respond

  • geek

    Second Life Hookers Making Cash

    Living out their sexual fantasies online, women like 26-year old “Palela Alderson” are turning tricks in Second Life, charging upwards of 2000-3000 Linden Dollars for a night out. That equates to about $8 - $12 US Dollars. But no matter, these pseudo-hookers do it for the thrill. “Palela” has a day job anyways, but surprisingly, no boyfriend. Read More ›

    Brian Ries 5 years ago respond

  • Second Life Affair Leads to Real-life Divorce

    A couple have divorced after the husband was caught having a “virtual affair” with a female character in an online game. David Pollard and Amy Taylor met in an online chat room in 2003 and married after discovering a shared love of Second Life.

    asdf 5 years ago respond

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