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    Zac Efron vs. Kathie Lee Gifford

    Zac Efron appeared on The Today Show this morning to promote his new film and this weekend’s SNL appearance. Little did he know that Kathie Lee — whose singing son, Cody, Zac played on SNL — was waiting in the wings to ambush the poor actor. In rollers and holding a headshot of her dear baby boy, Kathy said she wouldn’t let her son “leave the house” with Zac’s signature coif, yet urged the star to call her son: “no really, he wants you to call him.” Is this actually an SNL sketch? Watch Video ›

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  • Incredibad

    The tracklist (and cover) from the much-anticipated album, Incredibad, by the trio from The Lonely Island and Saturday Night Live, was released today. The whole album (including such hits as “Jizz in my Pants” and “Dick in a Box”) will hit stores on February 20th. View Image ›

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