Latest On Sandals

  • Pawprint Sandals

    These will come in handy next time you’re trying to evade detection by the authorities, but you’re on a beach, but you also want to be wearing stylish, comfortable, and incredibly precious Japanese flip flops. Or is that just me that happens to? (via

    Jack Shepherd 3 years ago 54 responses

  • Duck In A Sandal

    After a vet suggested Lucky the duckling be euthanized following an accident that left her leg fractured, a local cobbler designed a custom sandal that has set the bird on the road to recovery. Just as the Gladiator sandal was coming back, this “Lucky duck” goes and makes the Roman sandal look super hawt! Work it, sister (and feel better)! View Image ›

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago 23 responses