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  • Mitt Romney Took Swipe At Michelle Obama In 2008 Convention Speech

    The Romney campaign attacked and fundraised off comments by Democratic strategist Hilary saying Romney’s wife Ann hadn’t “worked a day in her life.” But while Republicans pundits have attacked Democrats for taking aim at Romney’s wife, in Romney’s 2008 RNC convention address Romney himself took aim at President Obama’s wife Michelle. Romney said “just like you, there has never been a day when I was not proud to be an American,” hitting Michelle Obama for saying 2008 was “the first time” in her adult life she was proud of America.

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  • Romney 2008 Energy Plan Focused On Research, Clean Energy Development

    Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s 2012 energy plan focuses on increasing domestic oil production and rolling back regulations. Back his 2008 energy plan was focused heavily on having to “dramatically increase federal spending on research” and developing clean resources like nuclear, wind, solar, biodiesel along with liquid, solid, and clean coal. Mention of increasing domestic production was only a snippet of Romney’s 2008 plan.

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  • Mitt Romney’s 2008 Health Care Reform Plan

    Mitt Romney often defends the individual mandate that was the cornerstone of his Massachusetts health care reform law by saying it was put in place on a state level. But the health care reform plan he campaigned on in 2008 was also largely centered around the concept. Although the plan implies using a “federalist approach,” the plan doesn’t specifically imply it that it is a states-only approach. Implementing the concepts laid out in the Romney plan, including the “Stop The Free Riders,” concept would most likely have to involve some coordination on the federal level.

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