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  • 2002 Romney Testimony Mentions Returning To Massachusetts For Business

    Mitt Romney has come under fire from Democrats over what year he left Bain Capital. Romney contends he left the company in 1999, while Democrats have pointed to SEC documents he signed as CEO of Bain past the 1999 date he said he left. In this testimony Romney gave in 2002 he speaks about returning to Massachusetts for “a number of social trips and business trips that brought me back to Massachusetts, board meetings, Thanksgiving and so forth.” Romney also mentions having “a good deal of back and forth” between Massachusetts and Utah in the first half of 1999.

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  • Olympics Documents, Intro Described Romney As Bain CEO

    Mitt Romney has spent much of the last week arguing that, despite some public records, he was effectively gone from Bain Capital in February 1999. But in February 2000, Romney was introduced as the “founder and CEO of Capital” at the National Press Club during an appearance about the Olympics, and Romney’s biography on the Olympic’s website listed him as Bain Capital “founder and CEO.”

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  • Romney In 2002: I’m A “Person Of Independence”

    Mitt Romney is running for president on a strong conservative platform. But in this 12-minute-long interview from his gubernatorial campaign, Romney defined himself to Massachusetts voters as independent Republican and not part of the establishment. “I’m not running as the Republican view, or a continuation of Republican values. That’s not what brings me to the race.” [Ed. note: Seven seconds of this interview was posted on BuzzFeed earlier.]

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  • In 2002, Romney Ran Away From The Word “Republican”

    In 2002, while running for Governor of Massachusetts, Romney courted independents and Democrats by running away from the (R) next to his name. In this 2002 segment unearthed by BuzzFeed, which aired on WBZ4 in Boston, Romney said: “It’s always a burden to run with ‘R’ for Republican after you name,” and “I think it’s very clear, I think, to people across the Commonwealth that my R doesn’t stand so much for ‘Republican’ as it does for ‘reform’.” Several short soundbites from this clip previously been posted online in January, but this the first time the entire segment from 2002 is available online.

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