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  • Karen Sypher Pics

    NCAA Basketball coach Rick Pitino’s one time mistress and accused black mailer, is trending on the Google again, and this time people are looking for photos.

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  • Rick Pitino Accuses Karen Sypher of Extortion

    Former Knicks Coach, Rick Pitino came forward and admitted that 6 years ago he slept with his former assistant’s wife Karen Sypher (who made allegations of rape against Pitino last month), then he gave her $3,000 for an abortion. In addition to this shocking confession, he is also accusing Karen Sypher of attempting to extort him for college tuition for her kids, an new car, and money to pay of her mortgage, which later escalated to $10 million. The Demands were delivered by Tim Sypher, Karen’s husband, and Mrs. Sypher has been indicted.

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