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    Exclusive: Amanda Palmer And Reggie Watts Sing About Doctor Who

    Hey, check it - Amanda Palmer and Reggie Watts sang this little ditty about how much they love the Doctor. Because they are nerds. But also because they are awesome. This is an outtake from the Doctor Who Specials that BBC America are releasing in anticipation of the new episodes that air in a couple of weeks. (The next special airs on BBC America this Saturday, August 20th, at 9/8c.) Watch Video ›

    Jack Shepherd 2 years ago 90 responses

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    Comedian/musician/performance artist/all-around genius Reggie Watts performed on Late Night, which may finally earn him the attention he’s long deserved. When one says there is no one else like Reggie, it’s not a compliment. It’s a fact. You try layering beats, rhythms, and melodies atop one another, only after providing “disinformation” in a flawless British accent. View Media ›

    Eliot Glazer 4 years ago 14 responses