• Top 10 Endangered Newspapers

    Those smug bastards over at Time magazine have drawn up a list of the ten major newspapers most likely to go under or go digital very soon. Topping the list is the Philadelphia Daily News, which nobody reads anyway (I’m from Philly), but some non-second-rate papers included on the list are the Chicago Sun-Times and the Boston Globe, which is reportedly losing $1 million each week.

    P 5 years ago 2 responses

  • Recession Beards

    Recession Beards are the newest and most fashionable way to express yourself after a recent round of lay-offs. Mustaches, meanwhile, are becoming the employed population’s way of saying “we support you, brothers.” Shave your face, and you might as well have crossed the picket lines, comrade. Read More ›

    Brian Ries 5 years ago 9 responses

  • The Recessionist

    “Overeducated & underemployed,” The Recessionist is a blog that tells the stories of the recently graduated who, despite going to some of the best colleges in the country, are struggling to find employment. If anything, it’ll make you happy you didn’t go to an Ivy League school.

    Lindsey 5 years ago respond

  • ‘The Media is Dying’ Twitter

    A new Twitter feed is tracking the multitudes of media layoffs in one big, happy place. It’s run by ten or so pr pros looking to pitch better and update lists, and as of right now it’s got 4,527 followers. Oh, and articles in the New York Times, AFP, and a write-up in Gawker. Watch your back! Read More ›

    Brian Ries 5 years ago respond

  • Credit Crunch Casting

    Because everything is recession-themed nowadays, Empire magazine offers Hollywood some cheaper alternatives to expensive movie stars. In some cases, the alternative is actually an improvement, like when they suggest replacing Jim Carrey with Will Arnett. If only we could accomplish that forever, in real life, I think we’d all be much happier.

    Sarah Morgan 5 years ago respond

  • Free Arby’s

    Yay recession. In these trying times, use this coupon to get a free regular roast beef sandwich from Arby’s with any purchase. You can use it as many times as you want until December 14th. Roast beef…it’s what’s for dinner. And lunch. And breakfast.

    Lauren Cook 5 years ago respond

  • Recession Christmas Cards

    Christmas cards will be a little toned down this year to fit the nation’s somber, recession-y mood. You’ll see “traditional” colors, lots of people holding hands (a totally free activity!), and not so many big piles of gifts. Hallmark has also designed its first-ever line of holiday cards for clients to send to their financial advisers, because at this special time of year, we all want to remember the really important people in our lives.

    Sarah Morgan 5 years ago respond

  • Mother Of All Mondays

    The U.S. and global markets are reacting to the triple news of Lehman’s bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch’s sale to Bank of America and AIG’s request of a $40 billion bailout from the government. Someone’s got a bad case of the Mondays. Read More ›

    Scott Lamb 5 years ago respond

  • Recession Hits the Rialto

    Broadway musicals are dropping like flies due to tough economic times. Godspell, Brigadoon, and For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf have been scrapped before opening, and others are threatening the same. We say, what gives? Why is it that when pennies must be pinched, tap shoes and glitter are always the first things to go? Sigh. Read More ›

    Rach 5 years ago respond

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