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  • time-waster

    BlockDrop (Game Battle)

    In light of all the anxiety-inducing shit going on in the world today, I present to you this Zen-like game, Block. With a simple premise, relaxing music and soothing sounds, you won’t even care how many times that damn diamond drops in the pond just because you forgot to hold ‘shift.’ View Media ›

    Jed Oliver 3 years ago 21 responses

  • Depict1 (Wednesday Game Battle)

    A lot of people have been asking what a “Game Battle” is. In short: A Game Battle is a kind of battle, with games. We are holding this “Battle Of Games” on a Wednesday instead of the traditional Friday this week, for some reason. To that end, here’s a neat little puzzle platformer called Depict1. This game is not your friend. Probably best not to listen to what it tells you. View Media ›

    Jack Shepherd 4 years ago 3 responses