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  • Monk Administers Last Rites To Dead Man At Train Station

    This is heartbreaking. Passengers at a station in Shanxi, China noticed an elderly man sleeping on the bench for an unusually long time. When someone went to check on him, he would not wake and his body was cold. He had been dead for quite some time. A monk who happened to be waiting for a train in the same station prayed for the man. WARNING: Unsettling images.

    Gavon Laessig 2 years ago 111 responses

  • wtf

    Ex-Gay iPhone App

    Exodus International, a Christian ministry that specializes in helping people “leave homosexuality” to become “former homosexuals,” has an iPhone application available for download in Apple’s App Store. Ugh. There’s an app for that. No word yet from Apple on why this doesn’t violate their ban on apps that “contain hateful/violent/offensive content.” View List ›

    Gavon Laessig 3 years ago 165 responses