political correctness

  • Politically Correct Fairy Tales

    A recent poll suggests that archaic fairy tales have worn out their welcome, requiring adjustments to make them more palatable in today’s cultural climate. In other words, reclaim your pride, Seven Dwarves! Throw down that dishrag and join a roller derby team, Cinderella! THE TIME IS NOW!

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago respond

  • Things Not to Say in the Workplace

    A business magazine called Diversity Inc. has published several helpful lists of things you should never say in the workplace. The list includes such gems as “Is that your real hair?”, “Do you live in a teepee?” and “I suspected you were gay.” Read up bigots! These could also come in handy if you ever become a writer on The Office. Read More ›

    Leti 6 years ago respond

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