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  • In 2007 Mitt Romney Struggled To Explain Tax Pledge Flip-Flop

    Mitt Romney is often attacked for his shifts on social issues. But this 2007 clip from an interview with 60 Minutes reveals Romney’s also had a tortured explanation for his refusal to sign an ATR no new taxes pledge while running for Governor in 2002 saying, “I didn’t change my mind. I was running for Governor of Massachusetts and now I’m running for a different office.”

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  • The Greatest Hits From Michele Bachmann’s Marriage Vow

    Excerpts from the document signed by Michele Bachmann that’s drawing allegations of racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Islamic sentiment and general cuckoo bananas whackadoodie. It’s a pledge from a conservative advocacy group out of Iowa called The Family Leader—affiliated with Focus on the Family—asking Republican presidential candidates to denounce single parents, women in combat and anything with even the faintest whiff of gay. Oh, and it seems to be wistful for the days of slavery. If none of that frightens you, it also essentially calls for a ban of all pornography. Michele Bachmann was the first of the GOP field to apply her Hancock. Here are some select passages from The Marriage Vow, along with photos of its earliest and most enthusiastic signatory. View List ›

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